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Crier Avec Moi

Criez avec moi is my very first single 😎😃. It is a song of gratitude to God that call all to say thank you Lord.

Je Marche

When I walk in the valley of the shadow of death I fear no harm because the Lord is with me and reassures me. This is the summary of this song which helps us to walk towards victory by leaning on the mighty God.

Hommage à la Femme

Hommage à la femme is a single that pays homage to all women: girls, young girls, brides, singles women and single mothers alike

Ta Médaille T'attend

Ta médaille t'attend is a word of encouragement for anyone who might want to give up. The aim is to help them stay focused on their goals. The medal symbolises both victory over the battles of daily life, but also eternal life with our Heavenly Father.

Viens Louer Le Seigneur

This title is an invitation to keep your eyes fixed on the Lord, even in difficult times.

Toujours dans La Joie

Toujours dans la joie is a 7-track EP (mini album) that invites us to keep our good mood no matter the life's circumstances. The music videos Criez avec moi, Je Marche, Toujours dans la joie are taken from this EP.

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