Pierre Cossa is a singer-songwriter from the Ivory Coast. A true revelation of the urban Afro-gospel, the artist aims to convey a message of joy and encouragement through a music that is meant to be dancing and universal. Raised by a singer and dancer mother, Pierre was immersed in the world of music from an early age. Former football player, his ankle injury forced him to turn to his second passion: music. Very quickly influenced by the lively life of his neighbourhood in the early 2000s, he spent his teenage years at the heart of a movement launched by the Abidjanais: Le coupé décalé. From then on, he became a DJ and hosted events in his neighbourhood and nightclubs.

Along with his career as an artist, Pierre Cossa is a conference speaker and works in churches to address various topics related to Christian life. In 2020 he launched his 1 min boost concept, a video
dedicated to encouraging people. At the same time, he hosts the TV show “Behind the Scenes”, broadcast live on Victoire Live TV social network in which he receives some personalities from the gospel universe.

Following the death of his Muslim father, Pierre converted to Christianity and wrote his first church songs in the 2000s. In 2016, he released his first single "Criez avec moi",
first extract from his EP “Always in joy”, released in 2018. In 2019, Pierre pays homage to all women through his title “Hommage à la femme”. That same year, he delivered his Maxi single "Ta médaille t'attend", composed of two tracks through which he invited everyone to stand firm in their Faith and to stay focused on their goals. In mid-2020, the artist released a new single “Viens Louer Le Seigneur”. He returns to us today in the spotlight, again with a Maxi single “Jamais reculer”, composed of two tracks: “Jamais reculer” and “N'arrête jamais d'avancer”.

"Dans Ma Life"

Sortie : Décembre 2023

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